Welcome to Equity Boosting!

We are a guild group that values our guilds social area very highly, and decided that making boost runs would be a great way to spend time together, while helping out and meeting other World of Warcraft players.

Our boosting adventure started taking serious forms during Tomb of Sargeras (Legion) raid, and has since been increasing in activity, performance and booster/buyer interest.

When boosting as the Equity guild we are highly focussed on making the experience for the buyers as nice and comfortable as possible, and allowing them to join a highly ranked guild in doing raid content. On some fights tho, there might be boss abilities that have the possibility to wipe the group if not handled 100 % perfect, in those cases, we sadly are not abled to have buyers join the entire fight experience, while at the same time ensure a smooth kill.

Our prices are based on the quality of our boosts, speed and general raiding experience.
If u are new to purchasing a boost, please feel free to contact any of our boosters (guild raiders) or directly to one of our organisers (listed below), and ask any question u have regarding our boost runs, or boosting in general. Ofcourse, experienced buyers are also completely welcome to contact us.
Regarding discounts, since well, who doesn’t like discounts. We are very flexible in offering discounts to players that come back for a 2nd or more boosts, players that wish to join with their group of friends, or even one player that wishes to join on multiple characters.
Since there are a million different ways that a discount could be applied (joining with 4 friends, joining 2 weeks/row, etc.) all will be decided when that time comes.

All our boosts require payment in WoW-ingame gold only.

All of our full clears will be only once a week,  allowing us to have all boosters unsaved, and provide our buyers with the maximum amount of loot(when trades are possible).
Join Equity in deafeating big and scary Raid Bosses?!

For more information,

Prang-Kazzak (Prangboi#2610)