Our goals

Our goal has always been simple; progress as fast as possible with only two raids a week.

In Legion we managed to establish ourselves as a top 500 guild.

Our culture

Equity is a community-driven guild. Spending time outside of raids socializing with the boys is a necessity if you want to fit in.

The tone can be rough from time to time, and you have to be able to deal with the general banter, but it’s all just a part of our charm. Being able to laugh about silly mistakes is one of our strongest assets.

Our methods

We love our logs, not just for the orange numbers, but for the possibilties they give when analyzing our raids or comparing what we’re doing to other guilds of equal or better progress than us.

They allow us to dig right into the core of the matter and point out mistakes or mistimed cooldowns. Being able to handle criticism well and adjust your gameplay is therefore of utmost importance.

Our officer team

Guild master

The GM of Equity is Megalomanisk, aka Guc or simply Mega.

Mega is the original founder of the guild, and was the raid leader up untill Nighthold-release. Nowadays he assists with the raid leading, and his main function is motivational speeches and/or rages.

Mega’s favorite hobby is gkicking people when they are, as he puts it, acting like retards. He’s the Big Kahuna, the bad cop, the one we all love and hate.

Raid leader

The co-GM and raid leader of Equity is Ghetz.

Ghetz has been raiding on the highest difficulty in the game for many years, previously as a healer but nowadays as DPS. He is often admired for his ability for continuously being able to achieve top DPS rankings even while raid leading, and, with a severe case of megalomania, he happily acknowledges that fact.

He has experience playing every role there is to play in a raiding environment and knows how to play almost every spec in the game, and his main goal has always been to help the members improve even the slightest things.

Whenever a member of the guild has questions about how they can improve their gameplay – Ghetz is always the person to turn to.


Prang, recruitment officer.

Embekay, community manager and motivational backbone.

Jocke, healing officer.

Lob, raid-leading assistant.

In addition to their individual tasks, the officer team is also the acting loot council whenever needed.

Equity in numbers

Raiding hours

The main raids are Tuesday and Thursday, 19.15-23.15 ST.
Invites start at 19.00. You’re expected to be ready to pull at 19.15.

On Sundays, we have an optional social raid called Sunday Funday where we clear normal or heroic with our socials and/or alts.

We also have an alt raid on Mondays where we do heroic or mythic depending on our progress.

Raid and guild composition

Our main raiding team consists of at least 25 players to allow for vacations, a night off, or missing a raid in general.

In addtion to that we have our backup raiders, who are considered part of the raiding team, but not the progress main team.

Backup raiders are invited to all heroic and normal raids even during progression.

Alts and splitruns

It is by no means a requirement to play more characters than your main, but most of our raiders are very active in-game and there’s only so much you can be bothered to do on one character. And with so many people putting in the effort to have more than one class ready for raiding, we have been doing some split heroic runs in the past.

We want to promote the idea of having an alt, but it’s important to us that we don’t force anyone into playing more than they can.